Hôtel Restaurant les Clarines *** Corrençon

Gastronomy in the Vercors

When talking about the Rhône Alpes region, it's worth stopping and telling a few stories about its gastronomy. Indeed, if you stay at the hotel restaurant Les Clarines, you'll have the chance to dine or lunch in a superb restaurant close to the city of Grenoble.

A region that rhythms with Gastronomy

The city is famous for its Michelin-starred chef Paul Bocuse, renowned the world over for his refined cuisine, and for its many brasseries, known as "les bouchons lyonnais", which serve a variety of fresh local produce in a traditional atmosphere.

You can't stay in the Rhône Alpes region without taking a gastronomic diversions. The region is fortunate in being able to offer its visitors a rich, varied and very tasty cheese board. The best-known cheeses are Beaufort, Abondance, Reblochon, Tome des Bauges, Chevrotin, Emmental de Savoie and Tomme de Savoie, all of which are PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses.

After the cheese, it's on to the desserts, with typical fruits such as blueberries, chestnuts and Grenoble walnuts, which will delight even the most demanding gourmets with a host of gourmet desserts to warm the body after a long day in the mountains.

The Rhône-Alpes region offers many opportunities for a pleasant wellness break. With so many different departments to choose from, from the Ardèche to the Savoie, via the Loire and the Rhône... you're sure to find something to suit your taste buds.

Les Clarines hotel and restaurant

Gastronomy in the Rhône Alpes region often reflects the seasons and the departments. When you stay at the Hotel de Clarines, you'll discover the delights of Isère. The restaurants of the Isère offer fine cheese platters and gourmet desserts, as well as a wide range of "forestier" or "fermiers" dishes, usually featuring fine meats accompanied by seasonal vegetables and mushrooms.